“Do I want a center stage aerial act, or ambient hang-abouts? What does that even mean?”

A center stage act is the most exciting, thrilling option. It usually runs about 5-8 minutes long, is choreographed tightly to music, and is best when you have the guests attention at a certain point in the event, or want to grab their attention before a big presentation or moment. Center stage acts can be performed several times throughout the event.

An ambient hang-about is when the performers hang in their apparatuses, creating beautiful shapes, postures, and movements high above the ground while your guests enjoy the party below. Think of this option as high-end decoration, similar to a living statue, but in the air and moving a bit more. Hang-abouts are great when guests will be milling around or passing through different areas of a party. They can be performed in sets of about 15-20 minutes per performer, in intervals throughout the event.