“Are aerialists expensive?”

If depends on what you consider expensive. The average aerialist usually costs more than the average ground performer for several reasons. Aerial rigging is what keeps us and your guests safe, and it is included in our quote. Rigging usually requires additional man-hours, additional people, and specialty equipment, both to rig before the show and to take down after all the guests have gone home. In addition, each act requires many hours of rehearsal and sometimes rigging time in aerial studios which does add up. And there’s the fact that aerialists dangle upside down many feet in the air, literally relying on their skill and training to keep them safe and beautiful.

You might be surprised that given all that, aerialists are still affordable for many events. When comparing quotes keep in mind that experienced aerialists may cost more than new performers, and student performers with proper training and the right mentor can sometimes add great value to your aerial package. When booking aerialists, it is not a place to cut corners and we’ll give you lots of options. You will get what you pay for, and be prepared to be wowed when you work with us! Feel free to contact us anytime for a quote.