Aerial Acts

Aerial acts are thrilling and memorable, especially when seen up close. Check out our current act portfolio below, then download our tech rider for more information on hiring us. We enjoy customizing acts beyond what you see here, so please contact us to discuss your event.

Aerial Silks Duo

Aerial Silks Performers in Charleston SC

A modern classic. Aerial silks are graceful, dramatic, and versatile. A duo can be synchronized on two sets of aerial silk, with music, costumes, and fabric color customized to your event theme.

“A heartfelt thank you for your exquisite, moving, exciting, and just darn hot performance at the GAyLA. People have not stopped taking about it and were completely blown away by you two. Your choreography, song choice, athleticism, and professionalism were extraordinary. I know that your performance energized the crowd for the live auction which blew the roof off the place. You were absolutely a meaningful part of our event’s success!” -Susie Prueter, Alliance for Full Acceptance

“Have you ever seen 150 attorneys speechless? Wonderson’s performance left our attorneys and their guests from all over the United States, Canada, and the U.S.V.I. speechless and spellbound. The stunning visual effect of performing high off the ground on nothing more than a silk sash left our guests holding their breath. It was a magical performance and our co-counsel still talk about it to this day.” – Blair Hahn, RPWB Attorney

Video coming soon.

Aerial Silks Solo

Aerial Silks Aerial Fabric Performance for Corporate Event in Charleston SC Ballroom

Aerial Silks are incredibly awe-inspiring and versatile. Male or female performers create acts that can range from quirky and funny, to dramatic and graceful, to athletic or all of the above.

“I just have to say THANK YOU for the awesome job you did Friday night. Not only was your performance outstanding but your professionalism made it such a pleasure to work with you…it took our event to a whole new level!” – Amie Waldeck, Cirque des Etoiles

“Mesmerizing, gravity-defying feats of athleticism…” – Charleston Magazine

Costumes, music, and fabric color may be customized to the theme of your event.

Video coming soon.

Duo Bar Fabric Trapeze (Fabreze)

Invented Aerial Apparatus Fabric Trapeze in Charleston SC

This invented apparatus combines the best of aerial silks with trapeze. A romantic duet, this act was designed to be performed on ceilings as low as 10 feet, but can be performed at higher heights as well.

“Simply CHARMING!”

“They were awesome. Could not take my eyes off of them.”

Video coming soon.

Cagelier – An Aerial Dancing Cage

Invented Aerial Apparatus Hanging Dancing Cage in Charleston SC

We invented this apparatus as an aerial interpretation of a dancing cage. This act can be performed solo or duo, and lends itself nicely to ambient entertainment (aerial eye-candy). This act requires ceilings at least 16′ high.



Aerial Cage in Charleston SC

Aerial Hammock Duo

duo aerial silk performers Charleston SC

A creative, eye-catching use of traditional aerial fabric. This act features a duet performed on aerial fabric that is specially rigged into a double sling, with performers sharing space in the air. This act is dramatic at higher heights, but also a great choice for venues with lower ceilings as it can be performed on ceilings as low as 14 feet. Music, costumes, and hammock color can be customized beyond what is shown here.

Unique * Dramatic * Elegant * Mesmerizing

“BIG thanks for the strong, elegantly beautiful performance you gave! You were so mesmerizing that there were times I needed to remember to breathe while I was watching.” – Anastasia Chernoff, gallery owner

Click for video.

Cirque Eye-Candy, hang-abouts on aerial silks hammocks and tails

Playful and fun. Aerialists hang around striking dramatic poses high above your guests. Our aerialists are like human decorations, bringing life and interaction into the entire space.

This option is best when you wish to have aerialists in the air for the maximum amount of time, and/or when a “sit-down-and-watch” type of performance is not desirable for any reason. Costumes and hammock colors can be tailored to your theme.

Aerial Drink Service…click here

Aerial Bartending Charleston SC

Aerial Acts Currently in Development…full details coming soon.

Sassy Duo Trapeze

Trapeze Circus Performers Charleston SC

Tippy Lyra Duet

Tippy Lyra Duet Aerial Hoop Performers Charleston SC

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